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Unicorn Nail Stickers
  • Unicorn Nail Stickers
Unicorn Nail Stickers

Unicorn Nail Stickers

Unicorn is a very cute and popular image that can attract children's attention and interest. During the use process, it can increase the fun and creativity of children's nail painting, and also stimulate their imagination and creativity, helping them understand different animal and plant images.
  • Product Description

Unicorn Nail Stickers are a fun and whimsical way to add a touch of magic to your nail art. These stickers are typically small, adhesive decals featuring unicorn-themed designs, including unicorns, rainbows, stars, hearts, and other fantastical elements.Unicorn Nail Stickers can be used as the main focal point of your nail design or as complementary elements to other nail art techniques like nail polish, glitter, or rhinestones.Unicorn Nail Stickers are a delightful and accessible option for those looking to add a touch of enchantment and fantasy to their nail designs. 

Product Parameter

Product Name:

Unicorn Cartoon Kids Nail Stickers



Code NO.:

Main Material:

Nail Polish


CMYK/PMS Color/Pattern/Glitter




1000pcs for custom designs;
No MOQ request for the stock designs


Support mixed wholesale for the stock designs

Lasting time:

Around 2 weeks


Eco-friendly/Customized Package Service


Free sample available


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Where Can I Buy Unicorn Nail Stickers?

Unicorn nail stickers are widely available online, in beauty supply stores, and nail art specialty shops. You can find various design options, including unicorns, rainbows, stars, and more. Some sets offer multiple designs for customization.

Do Unicorn Nail Stickers Work on Natural Nails and Acrylic or Gel Extensions?

Yes, unicorn nail stickers work well on both natural nails and artificial extensions, including acrylic and gel nails. They adhere easily and can be sealed with a clear topcoat for added durability.

How Long Do Unicorn Nail Stickers Last?

The durability of unicorn nail stickers varies, but with proper application and sealing, they can last several days to a week. They are perfect for special occasions, such as birthdays, festivals, or themed events, to create a whimsical look.

Are Unicorn Nail Stickers Easy to Remove?

Unicorn nail stickers are typically easy to remove by gently peeling them off. Any adhesive residue can be easily cleaned with nail polish remover, leaving your nails residue-free.

Can I Combine Unicorn Nail Stickers With Other Nail Art Techniques?

Absolutely! Unicorn nail stickers can be used as the main feature of your nail design or combined with other techniques like nail polish, glitter, or rhinestones. They offer versatility in creating unique nail art.

Are There Any Tips for Maximizing the Longevity of Unicorn Nail Stickers?

To make your unicorn nail stickers last longer, apply a clear topcoat over them to protect and seal the design. Avoid excessive exposure to water, which can weaken the adhesive.

Do I Need Artistic Skills to Use Unicorn Nail Stickers Effectively?

No artistic skills are required to use unicorn nail stickers. They are designed for easy application, making them suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a magical and enchanting nail look.

Are There Any Trends or Variations in Unicorn Nail Sticker Designs?

Unicorn nail stickers are part of the ongoing trend of fantasy-themed nail art. They can vary in design styles, from cute and playful unicorns to elegant and mystical interpretations.

Can I Create My Custom Nail Art by Mixing and Matching Unicorn Nail Stickers from Different Sets?

Yes, some unicorn nail sticker sets offer a variety of designs, allowing you to mix and match to create your unique nail art. This customization option adds to their appeal.

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