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Star Nail Stickers
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Star Nail Stickers

Star Nail Stickers

This is a nail art distributor and supplier,producing 3d children nail decals and other product such as nail wraps,and press on nail.children star engraved nail decals is a new design for kids,with cute,stylish,lovely star pattern on it,the sides and the color can be changed according to your need.
  • Product Description

Star nail stickers are decorative adhesive stickers that are specifically designed for nail art. These stickers are shaped like stars and come in various sizes and designs. They are an easy and convenient way to add a touch of glamour and fun to your manicure.

Star New Design Nail Art Sticker

1. Easy to wear and long lasting.

2. Safety: with the inspection certificate of professional institutionsthe raw materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxicand do not hurt hands.

3. Many colors available with low MOQ request.

4. Provide customized packaging service.

5. High quality & Fast Delivery.

Product Parameter

Product Name:Star New Design Nail Art Sticker
Code NO.:
Main Material:Nail Polish
Color:CMYK/PMS Color/Pattern/Glitter
MOQ:1000pcs for custom designs;
No MOQ request for the stock designs
Wholesale:Support mixed wholesale for the stock designs
Lasting time:Around 2 weeks
Feature:Eco-friendly/Customized Package Service
Sample:Free sample available
Packing:Opp Bag

How To Apply

1.Prep nails with rubbing alcohol and included cuticle pusher. For stubborn cuticles, use a gentle cuticle remover.

2.Choose the correct size for your nail

3.Place on the fingernail gently

4.Use cuticle pusher to press and flatten edges

5.Remove excess gel nail stickers with nail file

6.Cure wraps for 60 seconds


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How To Use Star Nail Decals


Star nail decals are usually made from thin vinyl or plastic material that adheres to the nail surface. They are self-adhesive, meaning they can easily be applied to the nails without the need for additional glue or tools. To use them, you simply peel off the backing and press the sticker onto the desired area of your nail. 

Star Stickers Nails Uses:

Star stickers nails are available in a wide range of colors and designs to suit different styles and preferences. Some star nail stickers come in metallic finishes, while others feature glitter, rhinestones, or even holographic effects. They can be used on natural nails or artificial extensions, and can be combined with other nail art techniques such as nail polish, gel polish, or nail stamping.

Benefits Of Star Nail Wraps

Star nail wraps provide a quick and affordable way to create eye-catching nail designs without the need for professional skills. They are also convenient for those who don’t have the time or patience for intricate nail art. Whether you’re going for a simple and subtle look or a bold and flashy design, star nail stickers are a popular choice to enhance your manicure and make your nails shine like stars.

Nail Star Decals Maintenance:

To maintain nail star decals and keep them looking fresh, you can follow these care tips:

1. Avoid soaking:Avoid prolonged exposure to water as it can weaken the adhesive of the decals. Wear rubber gloves while doing household chores or washing hands to protect the decals.

2. Avoid scraping:Refrain from using your nails or any other hard objects to scrape the decals, as it may cause them to peel off or get damaged.

3. Maintain nail health:Proper nail care is essential to make the decals last longer. Keep your nails dry, trim them regularly, and avoid habits like nail-biting.

4. Avoid using strengtheners: Nail strengtheners or hardeners may affect the adhesion of the decals, so it's best to avoid using them.

By following these guidelines, you can prolong the life of your nail star decals and keep your nail art looking beautiful. Remember, while nail decals are a convenient and quick way to decorate your nails, they may not be as durable as some professional nail art techniques. Timely replacement and maintenance of the decals are key to maintaining the appearance of your nails.

Nail Decals Stars Use Scene:

Nail decals stars can be used in various nail art and manicure scenarios to add a touch of creativity and sparkle to your nails. Some common usage scenarios include:

1.Everyday Nail Art: Nail star decals can be used for everyday nail art to add a simple and elegant touch to your nails. They are easy to apply and can quickly elevate the look of your manicure.

2.Special Occasions: Whether it's a wedding, birthday, holiday, or any special event, nail star decals can be used to create themed nail art that complements the occasion. For example, using gold or silver star decals for a New Year's Eve party.

3. Festivals and Celebrations: Nail decals with stars can be perfect for various festivals like Christmas, Hanukkah, or Diwali. They can be combined with other nail art elements to celebrate the festive spirit.

4. Nail Art for Kids: Star decals are popular among kids and teenagers for nail art. They can be used to create playful and cute designs suitable for younger age groups.

Remember, nail star decals are versatile and can be combined with various other nail art techniques like stamping, freehand painting, or using other nail decals to create stunning and unique designs. The possibilities are endless, and you can get creative to showcase your personality and style through your nail art.

Gold Star Nail Stickers

Gold star nail stickers are simple, stylish and versatile nail decorations that are perfect for any special occasion and stand out at night or at nighttime events. At a party, club, or dinner, these stickers will make your nails shine like the night sky.

Black Star Nail Stickers

Black star nail stickers Whether making a statement at a party night or adding elegance to a special occasion, black star nail stickers are a versatile nail decoration. Black star stickers are a great choice during Halloween, and they can be paired with other Halloween-themed decorations to add a mysterious and fantasy vibe to your nails.

White Star Nail Stickers:

White star nail decals are designed to be applied easily over nail surfaces and can instantly add a touch of elegance, whimsy, or fun to your manicure. You can apply a star or two on each nail for a minimalist accent, or use them on several nails for a chic and stylish look.

Pentagram Nail Stickers:

Pentagram nail stickers are especially popular for creating occult-themed or magical nail designs. They are often used in combination with other elements like moons, stars, crystals, or runes to achieve a mystical and enchanting manicure. It has various cultural and historical associations, often symbolizing spirituality, magic, and protection. Pentagram nail stickers offer a way to incorporate this symbol into your nail art, allowing for creative and symbolic designs.

Lucky Star Style Nail Decals:

Lucky star style nail decals are versatile and versatile enough for everyday nails or special occasions. Whether you prefer a subtle, minimal look or something bolder and more creative, these decals offer an easy and effective way to elevate your nail art and spread some positivity and luck.

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