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Butterfly Nail Decals
  • Butterfly Nail Decals
Butterfly Nail Decals

Butterfly Nail Decals

The carefully designed butterfly shape makes the nails shine with a dreamlike brilliance, making it impossible to move one's gaze away. Every nail sticker contains infinite charm, bringing infinite fashion and beauty to the nails.
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Butterfly Nail Decals are a popular type of nail art accessory used to decorate and enhance nail designs with butterfly-themed images or patterns. These decals are essentially small, pre-designed, and printed images of butterflies that can be applied to your nails. They are a versatile and easy way to create intricate and detailed nail art without the need for advanced painting skills. Butterfly Nail Decals come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and sizes. You can find realistic-looking butterfly decals, abstract or stylized designs, and even colorful, whimsical butterflies to suit your personal preferences and the occasion.

Product Parameter

Product Name:

Butterfly Nail Decals



Main Material:

Nail Polish


CMYK/PMS Color/Pattern/Glitter




1000pcs for custom designs;
No MOQ request for the stock designs


Support mixed wholesale for the stock designs

Lasting time:

Around 2 weeks


Eco-friendly/Customized Package Service


Free sample available


Opp Bag

How To Apply

1.Apply clear base coat or nail polish to your nails and allow them to dry

Choose a color of nail polish or a clear coat and brush it onto each of your nails. Allow your nails to dry fully before moving onto the next step.

2.Make sure your nails are completely dry

If your nail polish is not completely dry,the sticker may not attach properly or lift wet polish up from the nail.

3.Choose nail decal and placement

Using tweezers, place the decal in the desired spot on your nail.

4.Press the nail decal gently with a tool

Ensure soft surface of the Nail Stickers adheres to nail 100% without any wrinkles or air bubbles.

5.Apply clear top coat to all your nails

The top coat will turn your decals into a type of polish. Wait for your nails to dry and then you’re all done!

Other Products

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Features of Butterfly Nail Wraps

Butterfly nail wraps prominently feature butterfly motifs as part of their designs.Butterfly nail wraps come with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing. This makes them easy to apply to your nails without the need for glue or drying time.Butterfly nail wraps are available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. This allows you to choose wraps that match your personal style or the theme of a special occasion.Nail wraps are known for their durability. When applied properly and sealed with a top coat, they can last for several days or even weeks without chipping or fading.

Selection of Nail Art Butterfly Stickers

Selecting the right nail art butterfly stickers can make a significant difference in the outcome of your manicure.Pay attention to the size of the butterfly stickers. Ensure that they fit comfortably on your nails without being too large or too small. If you have longer nails, you may want larger butterfly stickers, while shorter nails may require smaller ones.Consider the color palette of the stickers. Think about how the colors will complement your overall nail design and coordinate with your nail polish or other nail art elements.Look for high-quality butterfly stickers that are well-printed and have a clear, sharp image.

Butterfly Stickers for Nails Colors

When it comes to selecting butterfly stickers for nails, colors play a crucial role in determining the overall look and style of your nail art. 

Realistic butterfly stickers often feature natural colors like various shades of brown, black, and white. These colors can create a sophisticated and elegant look, making them suitable for everyday wear or formal occasions.If you want to make a bold statement, consider butterfly stickers in vibrant and eye-catching colors. Bright shades like red, electric blue, neon pink, or neon green can add a playful and energetic vibe to your nails.Pastel-colored butterfly stickers, such as soft pinks, blues, purples, and mint greens, create a delicate and feminine appearance. These colors are perfect for spring-themed or romantic nail designs.

Pink Butterfly Nail Sticker Applicable People

Pink butterfly nail stickers are generally suitable for a wide range of people who enjoy nail art and want to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to their nails.People who like to stay on-trend and use nail art as a form of self-expression and fashion statement.Those preparing for special occasions such as weddings, parties, or holidays, where nail art can enhance their overall look.Pink butterfly nail stickers can be especially popular among younger generations who embrace vibrant and playful nail art.

Butterfly Foil Nails Purchase

Our company provides exquisite butterfly foil nails, and supports mass customization and wholesale. If you are looking for butterfly foil nails, you can contact us, the nail stickers we make are of guaranteed quality and have a variety of patterns to choose from. When shopping for butterfly foil nails, it's important to consider factors such as the design, color, size, and quantity you'll need.

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